These authoritative presentations on the subject of water cover many profound facts and experiments in a way that can be understood by everyone, from the layperson, to the professor, to the engineer, to the inventor.

Karen Elkins' riveting presentation at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference was a testimony to the cohesive intelligent design and patterning of elements, in the universe, especially water. She showed photos very rarely seen but proof of the lifeforce in everything. In addition to her affinity with water, Karen has been interviewing quantum scientists for several years and has produced over 50 stunning issues of the Science To Sage magazine. Her roster includes: Gregg Braden,  Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Masaru Emoto, Gerald Pollack, Rupert Sheldrake and many more.  When I saw her resume and her magazine, I was gobsmacked (astounded)! I'm happy to share some of her work here.

Dr. Gerald Pollack has been studying the marvelous properties of water his entire professional life. He has described the amazing fact that we are 99% water, and has given us the knowledge that we can get free energy from water. "The fourth phase of water is, in a nutshell, living water. It’s referred to as EZ water—EZ standing for “exclusion zone”—which has a negative charge. This water can hold energy, much like a battery, and can deliver energy too." Dr. Joe Mercola

4thphaseofwatergeraldpollackProfound revelations you will learn in this presentation (watch preview ---->):

_There is a 4th phase of water that is different from solid, liquid or vapor.
_How water can be used as a battery - light an LED
_A glimpse at SOLID WATER
The Fourth Phase of Water



This presentation is EXTREME on visuals.
Karen Elkins takes us on a
visual journey through a myriad of disciplines 
and shows us the universe - micro to macro.
Man, Machine and the
Living Matrix


karen_elkinsKAREN ELKINS has created many platforms for leading edge scientists, philosophers, inspired artists, and innovative thinkers the world-over. She is the editor, researcher and designer of Science to Sage E-Magazine, and has produced over 50 editions.
Watch 2018 Energy Science Panelist Intro HERE.
NEW BOOK COMING SOON: InsideOUT  “A visual feast. Karen Elkins’s 'InsideOut' brings the newest and most intriguing science to a lay audience in a way that combines mystery with understanding. Rarely has science and art been blended in so effective a way.” ~ Gerald Pollack, PhD. Professor, University of Washington.

"Water is deceptively simple yet complex, and most of what is thought to be understood about it is usually wrong." Dr. GERALD POLLACK
Dr. Pollack maintains an active laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of WATER: A Multidisciplinary Research Journal; Executive Director of the Institute for Venture Science; co-founder of 4th-Phase Inc.; and founder of the Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water.
He has received numerous honors including: the Prigogine Medal for Thermodynamics; the University of Washington Annual Faculty Lecturer; the NIH Director's Transformative Research Award; and the 1st Emoto Peace Prize.