Nikola Tesla

The Patron Saint of Modern Electricity.

Tesla’s master blueprint for the world.

Anti-Gravity Craft

Nikola Tesla: Free Energy And The White Dove (Paperback)

This book is very enjoyable and contains little known information. "We find that Tesla did have among his friends an inventor from Baltimore by the name of Otis T. Carr who in the l960s constructed his own anti gravity device which he claimed could fly to the moon". He supposedly met Tesla many times in the hotel where Tesla lived during the last years of his life.
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Tesla & Edison Compete

Tesla’s Early Life

Suppressed Technology

Who Was This Genius?

discoveries that radically altered our world

his most famous findings and theories

the original that broke the ice

the eccentric genius

Twin Wizards of Electricity

humanity's relationship to the universe

"Let the future tell the truth..."

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