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Free energy’s best kept secret – Energy Science & Technology Conference

The Energy Science & Technology Conference (ESTC) held in Hayden, Idaho, formerly known as the Bedini & Lindemann Science & Technology Conference, sells out fast each year! The reason: it provides a platform that shakes the current limited paradigm of energy physics with actual demonstrations of working alternative/free energy technologies. The very existence of the Continue Reading

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hidden dance

2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – Bedini’s Zero Force Motor (ZFM)

Presentation by Yaro Stanchak – THE HIDDEN DANCE (Le Fin de Siècle) – The presentation begins with a short review of the ZFM’s history and theory of operation. Following is a comprehensive look at the development of the motor’s torque, efficiency and the interplay of the complementary magnetic polarities. Demonstration. Watch preview: Yaro Stanchak is Continue Reading

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2018 ESTC

Exciting presentations from the 2018 ESTC in Hayden, Idaho: Electrobiochacking – Aaron Murakami discusses Electroculture methods which use high voltage generation to artificially stimulate increases in plant production. A true free energy system! John Bedini’s Zero Force Motor (ZFM)- Yaro Stanchak presents The Hidden Dance (Le Fin de Siècle). Includes a short review of the Continue Reading

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