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SURGE is a documentary featurette film that highlights the story of an American family of inventors building a Tesla inspired clean energy device while living in Morocco. In this film we hear the personal accounts of energy suppression, innovations and grassroots developments. SURGE shows how a different approach to open sourcing technology must be taken in this highly competitive industry in order to succeed in bringing affordable energy to every person on the planet that needs it to survive.

SURGE is the finale of a 9 episode documentary series called “QEG Real World.” The film features James and Valerie Robitaille and Tivon Rivers, and was directed and produced by Naima Feagin (HopeGirl). Information about the project and instant download purchases of the entire QEG Real World series can be found at




Episode 1: Importing equipment, QEG comedy and core assembly

Episode 2: Freedom to build, the flywheel and dual resonance

Episode 3: Morocco life and flywheel bi-toroid experiments

Episode 4: Online business, Tesla orgonite coils and Barbosa-Leal

Episode 5: Craftsmanship Codevelopment and 2nd Resonance

Episode 6: QEG Around the World, Radiant Energy and Activating/Conditioning the Core

Episode 7: Frank Discussions, Tesla Pancake coil, and Finding Resonant Frequency

Episode 8 Parts 1 and 2: Ring of Power, radiant energy and steel resonant frequency found

Episode 9: Technical update, mini-QEG announcement and final steps to QEG prototype completion


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