Certain conductive materials, when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature, will exhibit zero electrical resistance. A loop of superconducting wire can sustain an electric current indefinitely with no power source. These properties lead to enormous energy savings, and drive continuous research into finding materials that are superconducting at ever-higher temperatures.  Another critical superconducting property is the expulsion of magnetic flux fields at their surface, opening the door to levitation and exotic propulsion systems for spacecraft. On our website, you can explore some of the applications currently being developed using these amazing materials. (See: Radiant Energy, Pulsed Power, Aerial SystemsResonance, Electromagnetic, Superconductors).

SQK physics model described

laviolette_300xThe novel physics methodology of subquantum kinetics (SQK) can explain the operation of the Nassikas superconducting magnetic thruster, a device which per unit thrust weight provides over 1000 times more thrust than NASA's NSTAR ion thruster, with no energy consumption.


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