Hi – my name is Tivon Rivers. For almost one year I was having unexplained debilitating symptoms. At the time I had no idea about the effects from electromagnetic overload and how simple it was to fix. I used to work with my laptop in the same room as three other people, and we had an active wifi connection in the room. We also lived in between four cell-towers in a fourth floor flat.

I can remember how lethargic I felt during the day. I had mood swings and almost constant feelings of agitation. I would get headaches and couldn’t focus well when tasked. And I didn’t sleep well at all. In fact, I was sure that not getting a good night’s rest for so long was what made me feel so rotten. But there had to be a cause. If my symptoms were from lack of sleep, why couldn’t I sleep?

It was almost a year under these conditions when I started talking to my co-workers and found we had nearly the same symptoms and concerns. In addition to the office work we do for our business, we run an electronics lab and have several machines operating much of the time. We suspected ‘electromagnetic pollution’ was the problem and began searching for ways to eliminate any serious health risks.

One weekend when I was at the beach with my laptop, I noticed a huge difference. For the first time in many months, I felt at peace and energetic. I’m sure everyone has felt this when in a beautiful naturespot (scientists attribute the sensation to the density of negatively (-) charged ions in nature.)


When I returned to my flat and my workspace I again felt a drastic change in my mood and sleeping. So I got to thinking about it more deeply; when I was at the beach, and although I was still receiving a wifi signal from a booster on the roof, reception was generally poor and there wasn’t a cell tower to be seen for miles around. The fact that my misery came back once I returned to the center of all those converging frequencies, convinced me my symptoms were certainly related to the wireless and electromagnetic technologies in my surroundings.

Tivon & Naima, FTW Orgone

What happened next was one of those longed-for miracles. One of my concerned co-workers found something that changed everything for me (us). She called it orgonite and it was just a thing that looked like a black hockey puck. She told me to place it next to my pillow while I slept. I did.

That night, there was a marked difference in the quality of sleep I got. I was sold (and I have slept peacefully every night since with orgonite in the room)! I wanted orgonite all around me in the office, home and garden – everywhere. I wanted to ‘shield’ myself as best as I could.

Wireless Technology Is Great But Are You Electro-sensitive?

Now, I know there is a community of health professionals that have been warning us of the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields for decades. Well, modern technology (wireless) magnifies these effects quite a bit and manufacturers know this.

Some companies (e.g., Apple iPhones) even put radiation information somewhere in the settings area, which is worthwhile knowing if you use your SmartPhone a lot.

But neither these companies nor the medical establishment will come right out and say we’re getting too much high frequency radiation from the phones, the computers, the big screen TV, cell towers, 5G and all the rest of the electronics/appliances/devices. I had to do the research and calculations for myself, and the numbers are off the standard charts for safety.

I love my gadgets as much as the next person but I’ve had to come to terms with too much exposure to electronics. I’ve made a few small changes, mostly I eat better because I have a garden now, and I surround my space with pieces of orgonite. What a difference in the way I feel! If computers and cell phones are a must in my life, so is orgonite.

Click the link to receive a free copy of The Orgonite Guide, a 12-page primer describing what orgonite and orgone energy is, how it works, how to use it and how simple it is to make your own : eepurl.com/ga8LBL