SGT Report “Warning: 5G is Coming & It Will Change Everything” (full video)

Recently, Hope and Tivon from the Clean Energy Academy were interviewed by Sean from SGT Report, discussing the dangers of 5G and how and why it is being fast-tracked. They discussed the connection 5G has to military weapons technology, its financial motivations, and solutions that people can employ right now in order to protect themselves.

5G / EMF Protection

About our products:
Our products utilize orgone energy to protect you and your home from the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) found in 5G, wireless routers, and cell phones. EMF’s have caused a range of common ailments in people, animals and plants sensitive to them including: insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, depression, immune deficiency and many health conditions. Our products help diminish, and in some cases completely eliminate these conditions, giving relief and creating a healthy environment.
Effects / Benefits of orgone technology:
Preserving blood samples for longer periods of time
Preserving fruits and vegetable and foods for longer period of time
Better seed germination results in plants
Bigger yields in plants
Providing pain relief
Aiding in better sleep and relaxation
Seeing the energy field in frozen water
And more!



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