Karen Elkins, the very talented creator of the Science To Sage online magazine, has graciously given Fringe Energy permission to share her work with our subscribers. In the issue (link at bottom) you will see how the magazine lives up to its name, giving a platform to many disciplines including science, philosophy, art and just plain genius! However, Karen doesn’t stop there.  When asked if she was certain she wanted to share her work for free, her answer was emphatic: ”…it’s more important to share the wisdom and allow us all to evolve.”

A breath of fresh air!

Karen is personally connected to some of the most well-known and respected scholars, scientists, philosophers, music researchers and artists of our time, including Eric Dollard, Rupert Sheldrake, Gregg Braden, Aaron Murakami,  Masaru Emoto, John Hagelin, Richard Merrick, etc., etc., etc.

In case you missed it on the homepage, here is the preview for Karen’s 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference presentation – Man, Machine & The Matrix ~

Her full presentation can be purchased HERE

Download your free copy of Science To Sage July-September 2018:

Magnetism and Aether – https://issuu.com/sciencetosage/docs/s2s_magnetism_sept._2018