pulsed power

In conventional electrical engineering, the radiant or 'longitudinal' spike or 'pulse' produced when the magnetic field in a coil collapses, has generally been treated as a nuisance, since it can damage sensitive electronics. However, these high-energy pulses are actually a different form of electricity (cold electricity) that can be utilized to add energy to many open systems designs. This is the basic process behind the operation of the Bedini 'SG' Energizers (see first option below). Many devices using this and other more exotic forms of pulsed energy can be explored on our website. (See: Radiant Energy, Pulsed Power, Aerial SystemsResonance, Electromagnetic, Superconductors).

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Physical demonstrations of all the infomation ALREADY presented in the Bedini SG - The Complete Advanced Handbook. These demonstrations simply show you that what we told you is true.

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restore batteries

Battery companies are in the business of selling you batteries, but here is evidence that it appears possible to have a lead acid battery last your entire lifetime without ever having to replace it.


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simple to build

This is the machine that ANYONE can make work with circuit breakers and other common parts from the local hardware store, if they just follow some simple wiring diagrams and RS's instructions.


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all specs included

More revelations are disclosed about the last one year of experiments, with a thorough walk-through on the Zero Force Motor’s crucial timing characteristics, and the magnet’s geometry in relation to the coil geometry.


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schematic included

Aaron discloses a high speed capacitor discharge method that can also charge inductors (electromagnetic coils) allowing them to pack a punch that appears to be quite a bit stronger than is normally thought possible.


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Here is something that most people have actually never seen. Learn how to get an incredibly powerful bright white ball at a spark plug gap that can actually release the hydrogen energy from water moisture on contact, for the same power it takes to power a CDI!


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Graham Gunderson demonstrates how to compress a magnetic field, then give it a "spark" which causes a sudden pressure change releasing overunity power at 5.7 COP!



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battery-sequencing-board-geoffrey-miller-live-callOver a year in the making, this circuit allows for switching between battery banks, which is a function that many inventors and DIY enthusiasts have been waiting for. Geoffrey’s battery sequencing board can be utilized in applications such as: Bedini projects, solar battery switching applications, radiant energy charging applications and more!


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minimal input power

Describes the Scotch Yoke method used by a 1930's patented engine, which was the most efficient linear to rotary conversion in the world (and still is), using the pulsed solenoid concept.


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