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Tile any surface thus transforming your living space into an orgone-protected zone
Enhances your energy field and reduces the negative effects of EMF on your body
Helps you to feel less stressed and restless
Helps to reduce EMF-induced insomnia
Transforms stray electromagnetic fields into non-harmful, healing energy

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Our contemporary Moroccan Shungite Orgonite Tiles effectively absorb electromagnetic radiation and 5G. You can use Shungite Orgonite Tiles in your home to create a field of protection from the harmful effects of EMF and 5G.

This tile measures 11 cm. X 11 cm. or 4 ¼ in. X 4 ¼ in. and is a standard sized tile with slight raised notches on the sides to prevent slippage when grouted into place. The Moroccan design tile is a raised design. These tiles are durable, and long lasting, and will not break like ceramic or stone tiles. They come in a solid black color, which is colored naturally by the shungite powder. However they can be primed and painted to any color you wish.

We offer a single sample tile or a sample tile set (one of each: plain or Moroccan design) so that you can test out the tile for your home improvement project. Tiles are also sold in packs of 5 or 10 as well as a sample tile. Worldwide international shipping is included in the price. For orders larger than 100 tiles please contact us through our email at for a custom order quote. Tell them the folks at Fringe Energy sent you!

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