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– By having two plates, you can put one in the refrigerator and the other in your living space as a harmonizer.
– Preserve fruits, vegetables, and drinks inside/outside the fridge/freezer, thus extending the shelf-life and saving you money
– Enhances your energy field and reduces the negative effects of EMF on your body
– Helps you to feel less stressed and restless
– Can be sat on or used under your pillow to help reduce EMF-induced insomnia

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Our set of two Bronze Orgone Charge Plates are handmade passive ionizers that help to clean the environment around your home and preserve your food and drinks. Our products help defend against electronic pollution in their environment caused by things such as cell phones, wifi, and electromagnetic microwaves. Each charge plate is handmade using a blend of quartz, Shungite, brass and iron oxide powders encased in an epoxy resin. Many people use our orgonite charge plates in their freezer to structure their ice and frozen food, giving it more energy as it freezes


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