10-week video course
4 2-hr webinars
Build Manual
Quantum Energy Articles
Tesla Patents
QEG Real World Series

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For the beginner in free energy, the building basics described here for the QEG will spark your enthusiasm and confidence that you can build your own free energy device. Join the Fix The World/QEG global co-development movement whose aim is to positively influence the end to poverty due to lack of access to energy.


  • The QEG renewable energy course for beginners taught by James Robitaille and recorded live for 10 weeks. (Orig. Price $300) Description:
  • 4 webinars taught by James Robitaille, each consisting of questions and answers, and covering instructions on how to assemble the QEG. The webinars go along with the 10-week course/ebook. (Each webinar is approximately 2 hrs long) (Orig. Price $128)
  • QEG ebook: (Orig. Price $47)
  • QEG 5th Edition Build Manual (117 pages) (Orig. Price $47)
  • Quantum Energy Articles Description – Over 250 pages of quantum energy related articles (Orig. Price $47):

John Moray – A Means for the Preservation of the Environment by Drawing Kinetic Energy from Space
T. Henry Moray – The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats (abridged/pdf)
Baldor Launches Energy Saving Incentive
Rotoverter Operating Principles
Transverter R & D
Resonance and Impedance Matching
RF Circuit Design

  • TeslaPatents Description: 62 high quality, fully restored Tesla Patents for Motors and Generators, Radiant Energy, High Frequency Engineering and Power Distribution.  Easy to print and read, all on one document.  For the DIY engineering researcher! Find the missing link for your engineering project through the wisdom of Nikola Tesla’s work! (Orig. Price $47)
  • 9 Episodes QEG Real World (building the QEG in Morocco, 9 hours) plus our Featurette Film “SURGE” (Orig. Price $70) (See description above) 


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