Describes interactions of 3 resonances; exciter coil construction; antenna & grounding; RF via ionosphere. Video is 110 minutes (in 2 parts) and PDF is 43 pages long. SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW

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Video: Described interaction of 2nd and 3rd resonance with 1st (parametric) resonance; discussed exciter coil history, original construction, and experiments to date (with photos); discussed exciter coil alternate constructions (with photos); explained concept of radiant energy insertion (with drawings); discussed antenna and grounding concept (with reference drawings);discussed concept of “RF Energy via Ionosphere” (provided document for study). 110 minutes

PDF: Includes updated original schematic, exciter coil development photos, photos and videos of Tesla hairpin radiant energy experiments, “RF Energy via Ionosphere” document (for class study), Litz wire specifications and supplier info., photos of ground network components, photos of suggested generator wiring layout. 43 pages

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