The safe operation of interactions when testing and measuring voltage and current; operation of test equipment; interfacing to household mains. Video is 91 minutes and PDF is 32 pages long. SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW

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Video: Explained safe operation and interactions to expect when testing the QEG; Discussed techniques for making safe measurements of voltage and current; Showed photos and explained operation of recommended test equipment; Discussed necessity and possible configuration of electronics applied to the QEG; Discussed interfacing the QEG to household mains / utility grid (w/reference documents); Showed construction of 7MHz resonant antenna system (for reference only); Provided documents and discussed targeted results of additional coils experiment; Answered previously submitted email questions. 91 minutes

PDF: Includes revised QEG Cautions-Hazards document, electronic regulation, self-looping, and mains/grid interface reference documents, photos/description of recommended test equipment, antenna reference design, revised set-up and test document, call for experiments document. 32 pages

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