Follow-up from last week’s conceptual description of parametric oscillation/resonance based on QEG mechanically pumped parametric transformer; “sweet spot”; coils experiment. Video is 82 minutes and PDF is 15 pages long. SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW

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Video: Presented photos of 12-outlet strip and socket adapter (follow-up from last week’s class); Provided detailed conceptual description of Parametric Oscillation/Resonance based on “QEG Mechanically Pumped Parametric Transformer” (included document); Described “sweet spot” testing (included test data); Discussed QEG RPM vs. Frequency vs. Power Output parameters; Explained concept and expected results from additional coils experiment on be-do website; Presented class assignment calling for most popular questions regarding QEG technology. 82 minutes

PDF: Photos of 12-outlet strip and socket adapter; “QEG Mechanically Pumped Parametric Transformer” (document); “sweet spot” test data; QEG Synopsis/call for experiments; original WITTS setup with additional feedback coils over secondaries schematic. 15 pages

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