Information on mica compression variable capacitors; switch tap, continued discussion from weeks 8 & 9. Audio is 113 minutes and PDF is 60 pages long. SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW

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Audio: Provided requested info on mica compression variable capacitors (with photos); showed switch tap for suggested 12-outlet load bank (from last week); continued  discussion from last week on exciter coil history, original construction, and experiments to date (with photos); continued discussion from last week on exciter coil alternate constructions (with photos); continued discussing concept of radiant energy insertion (with drawings); presented system overview of interaction of 3 resonances, and next steps; provided link to Witts video showing exciter coil construction; second half: Presented several fun video clips of first-time resonances and filmed experiments over the last year; closing remarks to students. 113 minutes in 2 parts

PDF: Suggested load bank with switched lamp sockets; 300 Watt rheostat; ground rod; mica fixed and variable capacitors; mica compression capacitors; flat exciter coil with litz wire; original exciter coil; link to Witts video showing exciter coil construction; spark gap in primary xp schematic; spark gap carrying primary current xp schematic; MFJ-6140 antenna kit (ref); EZTM-40 telescoping mast brochure (ref); guy wire system brochure (ref); screw-in guy anchors, guy lines brochure (ref); self-looping principle drawing (ref); TI Solar Inverter kit datasheet (ref) 60 pages 

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