• Grow stronger and healthier plants with increased yields.
  • Grid your plots with garden pucks and pyramids to enhance the health and growth of your plants using orgone energy
  • Gridding your garden with our Shungite orgonite pyramids also helps clear the environment of chemtrails above your home
  • Transforms stray electromagnetic fields into non-harmful, healing energy for your plants

Each piece is hand made to order with loving care in our small workshop and shipped from Morocco. Shipping is included with the price and we ship world wide. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery.

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Orgone is a word used to describe the life-force energy which permeates all of nature and living beings as defined by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, its discoverer.  Orgonite is a natural technology created to emit neutralizing orgone energy that can be measured as negative ions in the atmosphere.

Our flagship community garden package will not only provide EMF protection for the fruits,vegetables, and crops on your garden plot, but also help reverse the harmful effects of EMF and airborne toxins in the local environment! In addition to eight Orgonite Garden Pucks, the community garden set comes with four Shungite Orgonite pyramids that can be used to both grid a large garden plot AND dissipate the chemtrails overhead.

Orgonite passive ionizers help grow strong, healthy fruits, vegetables, and crops. Ours are made from a blend of quartz, Shungite, brass and iron oxide powders encased in an epoxy resin. Electronic pollution in the environment caused by things such as cell towers, wifi, and other wireless radiation, doesn’t just affect human beings and animals, but also all plant life. High frequency fields can stunt growth, cause cell damage or kill seedlings. Having orgonite in your flower pots and the garden transforms provides a shield of protection, allowing your plant to grow healthier and stronger.

We’re celebrating our one year anniversary making orgonite for over a thousand happy customers!


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