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  • Preserve fruits, vegetables, and drinks inside/outside the fridge/freezer, thus extending shelf-life and saving money
  • Energizes and alkalinizes water (structures water)
  • Reduces the negative effects of EMF
  • Can be used under a pillow to help reduce EMF-induced insomnia


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Orgone Charge Plates emit a field of negative ions that neutralize electromagnetic fields, offering protection from technologies such as 5G and other high frequency radiation.

Feeling exhilarated after a day at the beach, or in the forest or mountains, is due to receiving a good dose of negatively (-) charged ions! Orgone products, made from rare and common minerals, have been shown to neutralize EMFs from electronics by emitting negatively (-) charged ions.

Our Bronze Orgone Charge Plates are handmade passive ionizers that help to clean the home and office environment, and preserve food and drinks. Each charge plate is handmade using a blend of quartz, Shungite, brass and iron oxide powders, encased in an epoxy resin. Our Orgone Charge Plates can be used in the freezer to structure ice and food, giving it more energy. When used in the refrigerator, Orgone preserves food longer.

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