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5th Edition Build Manual
4 Beginner’s Webinars

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  • 20 Live Calls: QEG Academy Live Calls 1-14 Description: The Academy has live calls every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month which are attended by builders from around the world working on the QEG and the TeslaGenV1 (mini-QEG). Other projects are discussed as well. Each call is between 1-2 hours. (Orig. Price $100) LEARN MORE
  • Latest (5th edition) QEG Build Manual (Orig. Price $47)  Description: QEG Free Energy Generator Plans by authors James Robitaille and Tivon Rivers. Two and a half years of co-development has led to the open source (PATENT FREE!) development of this generator, and the 5th ed. plans include 4 secondary transformer designs, and instructions for converting volt-amperes reactive or VARs to Watts using a bi-toroid transformer. LEARN MORE
  •  4 webinars taught by James Robitaille, each consisting of questions and answers, and covering instructions on how to assemble the QEG. The webinars go along with the 10-week course/ebook. (Each webinar is approximately 2 hrs long)
  • Description:  Pros & Cons of building the QEG core vs. purchasing a fully processed unit.
    Discussion of Insulation Components used to insulate magnet wire from core steel.
    Discussion of sourcing, cost, specifications, and installation of core insulating materials.
    Discussed details of type, weight and length of magnet wire for purchase / presentation of accompanying document.
    Detailed discussion of parts needed for completion of QEG generator core assembly.
    Presentation and description of core mechanical part drawings and specifications.
    Presentation and discussion of photos / assembling core components into completed core unit
    (installing shaft and shrouds on rotor, aligning rotor in stator bore, end plate installation).
    Explanation of power generation by means of Parametric Resonance.
    Discussion of capacitor selection, and recommended capacitor bank configuration.
    Preliminary discussion of Platform Construction and Options, with drawings.  LEARN MORE (Orig. Price $128)

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