EMEDIA emedia PRESS Peter Lindemann is truly one of the last pioneers of the modern-day Tesla Science & Free Energy movement and we wish him well on his new path! Peter recently retired from the field of free energy but has authored and produced many books and presentations on a wide range of alternative energy and science topics. In Peter's own words..."Starting in the 1980s, as a group, we set out to PRESS publish enough information about the “free energy” technologies to make sure they could never be suppressed again. At this point, I believe that goal has been accomplished." Begin your journey here: Peter Lindemann (The Energy Science & Technology Conference was originally called the Bedini-Lindemann Energy Science & Technology Conference.) Peter Lindemann Peter Lindemann Energy Science & Technology Conference emedia PRESS EMEDIA PRESS FOR MORE INFO Electric Motor Secrets - 3 Video Set Open System Thermodynamics Perpetual Motion Reality Battery Secrets & Battery Rejuvination Combo Lessons in Advanced Perception Battery Secrets Magnet Secrets Bedini SG - Beyond the Advanced Handbook Bedini SG - The Complete Handbook Series TRILOGY Tesla's Radiant Energy Video & PDF combo pack Benitez Self-Recharging Battery