How To Neutralize The Harmful Effects From Wireless Technology And Finally Get Some Restful Sleep


If we could see the electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) from wifi, cell phones, computers, etc., we would see ourselves enveloped in a cloud of positively (+) charged electrical signals (ions).

These electronic signals keep the brain stimulated and interfere with melatonin production which helps to regulate sleep. 

Orgone products, made from rare and common minerals, have been shown to neutralize the ionic fields from electronics, energize food and structure water.



Most people who have trouble sleeping are suffering from the negative effects of electronic pollution caused by things like wi-fi, cell phones and televisions.

Turning off your cell phone/wifi can help with insomnia. But what if you can't turn off ALL the EMFs in your room? 

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Orgone is a type of energy that is able to transform harmful positively (+) charged ions, which are emitted from electronic devices, into beneficial negatively (-) charged ions. 

Due to its energetic properties, Orgone neutralizes (+) ions coming from wireless technology and electronics that disrupt sleep in electro-sensitive people.   

It's the same process as when feeling exhilarated after a day at the beach, or in the forest or mountains... usually due to receiving a good dose of negatively (-) charged ions!


Although the energy is invisible, you can see in the ice test that the freezing water creates an energy pattern of negatively (-) charged (healthy) ions coming off the Sleeping Pod.

Orgone energy is captured in the ice!

The Orgone energy (- ions) generated by the Sleeping Pod neutralize the (+ ions) in the room.


"I’ve put two years of research into the development and refinement of the Orgone products we make at FTW Orgone. And each piece is made by hand with love and care in our small Morocco home workshop.
The use of Orgone energy as an ionizer that changes the sleeping environment has drastically improved the quality of my life. I am 100% certain that this technology can help anyone who is sensitive to electronic pollution and having trouble sleeping due to this sensitivity."

Tivon Rivers

We are celebrating 1 year and over 1000 customers! 

The last time my niece visited I mentioned I was having trouble sleeping. She gave me a sleeping pod to keep by my bed and convinced me to turn my cell phone off or keep it out of the room when I go to sleep.

Nowadays, I not only fall asleep faster, I stay asleep! I've asked my niece to please bring me more orgonite.

Administrative Assistant

Annie Cutrone

I began my orgonite journey by purchasing 2 pendants, one for me and one for my fiance who lives in the Philippines. I've studied orgone science and am convinced of its ability to protect living beings from electromagnetic radiation. 

I love my pendant and can't wait to give Delaila hers. I also just ordered 2 sleeping pods and feel excited to present my sweetheart with these unique gifts when I see her at Christmas!

Software Engineer

Ed Becnel

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