(5 1/4 in. in diameter)

Our Bronze Orgone Charge Plates are handmade passive ionizers that help to clean the environment around your home and preserve your food and drinks. A real conversation piece!

Each charge plate is handmade using a blend of quartz, Shungite, brass and iron oxide powders encased in an epoxy resin. Many people use our orgonite charge plates in their freezer to structure their ice and frozen food, giving it more energy as it freezes.

Orgonite Charge Plate 

$99.00   $67.00


Orgonite Charge Plates Set (2)

$198     $99



Our portable Orgone Sleeping Pod is a handmade passive harmonizer that will help you get a good night sleep. When you place the puck on your body, under your pillow or next to you in bed, it creates a shield of protection against the harmful effects of EMF.
Orgonite can help to block out the negative effects of 5G near the body and restore natural balance so that you can get the best nights sleep you’ve had in years!

Orgonite Sleeping Pod

$75.00  $55.99



Orgonite Sleeping Pods Set of 2

$150.00   $99.99



Our Orgonite Garden Puck, comprised of a blend of quartz, Shungite, brass and iron oxide powders, is a handmade passive ionizer that helps grow strong, healthy sprouts, seedlings and potted plants. Having orgonite in your flower pots and the garden provides a shield of protection, allowing your plant to grow healthier and stronger. We covered an amazing storyof a gardener showing how using orgonite in their garden dramatically increased plant growth.

Orgonite Garden Puck

$40.00   $34.99



Our holographic-colored bracelets and pendants with the flower of life design allows you to wear this healing jewelry on your wrist, ankle and around your neck. We made these products due to positive feedback from our customers who’ve purchased our pendants.  Wearing our orgonite jewelry provides a shield of protection against the harmful effects of EMF. Our blend of crystal, Shungite, brass, iron oxide and steel powders, encased in an epoxy resin, boosts your body’s natural energetic field. Nice in appearance and comfortable, many people wear orgonite to help defend against pain-inducing electronic pollution in their environment caused by things such as cell phones, wifi and high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

Enhances your energy field and reduces the negative effects of EMF on your body
Helps you to feel less stressed and restless
Eases pain and discomfort associated with the  harmful effects of wireless energy on the body
Contains Shungite mineral to further neutralize harmful high frequency electromagnetic radiation

Orgonite Bracelet Blue

$39.99   $25


Orgonite Bracelet Bronze

$39.99 $25


Orgonite Bracelet Purple

$39.99 $25




Shungite Orgonite Bracelet

$39.99   $25




Benefits of Orgonite Pyramids – The particular shape/angles of a pyramid create an amplified receiver, or resonator, of energies such as electro-magnetic fields (EMFs), electrical discharges, gravitational waves, etc. These energies interact through molecular and magnetic fields, and create an electron spin which absorbs the energies through resonance. Set them up around the perimeter of your home or office to create a protective grid. Cluster them together to create a cloudbuster and clear the environment above your home.

Orgonite Pyramid

$99.99   $67



Set of 4 Orgonite Pyramids

$400.00   $150



Set of 4 Garden Pucks

Orgonite Garden Pucks Set of Four

$99.99   $69.99



Orgonite Urban_Garden-Set

Orgonite Urban Garden Set

$200.00   $129.99





Orgonite Community Garden Set

$600.00   $275.00