From our friends at the Energy Science and Technology Conference – 2022:

We’re a bit behind due to some technical difficulties but here are both Peter Lindemann’s Advanced Solar Methods presentation and Jennifer McMenomy’s Off Grid Living presentation.

ADVANCED SOLAR METHODS – Peter shares some more information not included in the Free Solar Secrets book including a documented setup that applies what the book teaches. Imagine having a battery bank charged by the early afternoon regardless of what the weather is. This is possible and more when you learn how to properly charge batteries, which believe it or not, the solar “experts” don’t know how to do but we’ve spelled it out for you for many years. You’ll also learn some schools of thought that the solar industry isn’t teaching you so if you want to get started on the right track or redo your current system so that it actually provides what you paid for, watch the preview and get this presentation now:

Make sure to also get the Free Solar Secrets book so you can have the full context – once this book is upgraded, it will not be a free download anymore so get your free copy while you have a chance:

OFF GRID LIVING – Jennifer and her husband Terry built their own home not too far from Spokane and it’s 100% off the grid. Her presentation documents their efforts, their successes and also their failures. If you want to get off the grid, this presentation will save you a fortunate by showing you what not to do because mistakes or not so optimum methods will cost you a lot of time and money. Learn what they are doing right and what direction they’re going based on some of the Solar methods that Peter presented on – he went with me to their home and we both shared some insights that they are incorporating right away. This is an extremely valuable presentation to anyone serious about producing your own power:

Later today, we’ll be launching a presentation that will blow your mind about electric universe concepts – Bruce Leybourne and David Johnson present on the Stellar Transformer!

2022 Presentations Released:

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Nikola Tesla’s Thermodynamic Transformer, Part 3 by Jeremiah Ferwerda
Advanced Measurement Techniques for Tesla Coils by Dr. Adrian Marsh
Telluric Radio Communication Research by Griffin Brock
Tesla High Frequency Illumination Methods And Apparatuses Part 2 by Griffin Brock
Build a Tesla Coil the Way Tesla Built Them by Hakasays
The Cosmic Light Bulb 
They Are All The Same by Paul Babcock
Reactive Power Generator Part 4 by Mike Clarke
Panel Discussion 1 & 2 – FREE DOWNLOADS
Advanced Solar Methods by Peter Lindemann

Aaron Murakami