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There’s 8 weeks and 3 days until the 10th Annual ESTC with lots of work to do. We just published a short booklet by Eric on Amazon, have done a lot of work on the transmitter project, updated a few presenters for the conference and more. The latest updates are below. I already have 3 other video updates with some demos, showing how to calculate the bandwidth and magnification factor of a Tesla Coil and more that will be released in just a couple days or maybe tomorrow. Anyway, more to come…


The name of the presentation that Eric Dollard and I will be co-presenting at the 2021 ESTC is changing from the Cosmic Induction Generator to THE BORDERLAND OF NIKOLA TESLA’S RESONANT TRANSFORMERWe are going to delve into the strangeness of time, space and energy while opening up your mind to the possibility of moving toward a real life episode of The Outer Limits. Although the final masterpiece is not yet complete, we will bring what we have to show the progress. We will still be able to do some demonstrations and it is important to understand that with the proper system, the only way to achieve the ultimate with a REAL Tesla Coil is to get rid of the primary and secondary. Tesla taught this but nobody seemed to listen or understand what he was saying. This will be explained and demonstrated sufficiently so that others can apply this knowledge.


There are only 71 out of 125 seats available for the 2021 ESTC. The normal max is 150 but due to the circumstances we’re all dealing with, it’s reduced to 125.

Here are some of the latest conference updates – see the full bio/talk descriptions for all the presenters here:

  • David Schmidt has been granted 94 patents for a wide range of inventions including a way to activate the most important peptide in your body that enhances your own stem cell activity. This most remarkable breakthrough has been tested by Peter Lindemann, myself and others in our ESTC and Emediapress network.
  • Marty Luckowski has been George Wiseman’s partner for the last 3 years. George is a leading authority on all aspects of HHO “Brown’s Gas” science and technology and Marty is carrying the torch, no pun intended. Marty will be sharing their latest research in HHO production, which is many steps beyond all other HHO cell manufacturers. (See George’s Hydrogen Generator HERE)
  • Arthur D. Stark will not be able to attend in person to demonstrate his small scale horizontal axis interferometer due to the restrictive nature of his current location. This was first demonstrated by Martin Grusenick indicates that the aether is moving in the downward direction rather than parallel with the ground as the classic experiment has been done. Rather than buying into the nonsense of those who tried to debunk Grusenick’s experiment, Arthur took the responsible path and worked to eliminate distortion in the mechanics of the interferometer and is ready to show how far he has come thus far. If we are able to receive a pre-recorded version of Arthur’s presentation, all attendees will receive this as a free download and possibly, another presenter will replace his allotted time slot.
  • SECRET PRESENTER – ANNOUNCED SOON…Get your tickets here:


COSMIC INDUCTION GENERATOR MISC. UPDATES  Here are some more misc. updates on the actual build and a peek at what the Tesla Coils started to look like:

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Go here to see the books & videos categorized by author/presenter:

ERIC DOLLARD’S NEW BOOK AVAILABLE ON AMAZON NOW! KINDLE AND PAPERBACK  This new book is based on two reports written by Eric Dollard that was posted on his website for free. They are focusing on how the grid has degenerated in the digital age and how it has become susceptible to EMP attacks, which is a very real threat at this very time. This information is very important and should be considered vital to the security of the nation. A portion of the proceeds from this book go to EPD Laboratories, Inc., which is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation. It helps to support the work of Eric Dollard.

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Some green energy concepts are helpful but many are not so it shouldn’t all be grouped together as being a “solution”. Here is a short video showing how the “green” LED lights cause more problems than they solve:

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