Schedule Update 8/3: Aaron Murakami will be presenting Hacking The Aether on Aug. 7 and his Plasma Ignition System on Aug. 8.

Albuquerque, NM: In it’s 15th year, the Tesla Tech / ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference is right around the corner! See schedule below and GO HERE for more info.


Wednesday  ·   Aug 7, 2019 

Morning/Afternoon: Registration Begins
Evening: Conference Begins 

— Conference Session 1 —
An ExtraOrdinary Revelation 
5:00pm: Bruce Forrester Jr – Three Experiments & Free Energy! 7:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Thursday · Aug 8, 2019 
— Conference Session 2 — 
ExtraOrdinary Health Devices 
8:00am: Joe Blanton – Vibrational Healing Using BioPhotonic Modulation 
Phillip Wilson – Relax Far Infrared Ray Technology 
George Wiseman – Brown’s Gas Practical Applications 

— Conference Session 3 —
ExtraOrdinary Plasma Technology
1:00pm: Moray King – The Peculiar Energy Machine of Jasper James 
Walt Jenkins – H2G: Thunderstorm Under the Hood 
Norm Wootan – Neutral Spike… Unlocking the Keys of EMP Effects 

— Conference Session 4 —
7:00pm: Jere Rivera-Dugenio, PhD – RASHA: Scalar Plasma Crystal Energy Source 
8:00pm: Conference Evening Social 

Friday · Aug 9, 2019  

— Conference Session 5 — 
ExtraOrdinary Health Concepts 
8:00am: Sue Whittaker – Harmonic Energy… New Frontiers in Quantum Healing 
9:30am: Michael V. Petrovich – Vibrational Healing… Frequency or Waveform? 
11:00am: Robert Slovak – Water & Deuterium Depleted Water 

— Conference Session 6 —
ExtraOrdinary AntiGravity Technology 
1:00pm: Paul Murad – A New Evidence Based Gravitational Model 
2:30pm: Russell Anderson – Gravillade: Russian Antigravity Propulsion Breakthru 
4:00pm: Paul LaViolette – Grebennikov’s Levitating Platform 

— Conference Session 7 —
7:00pm: Joel Wallach DVM, ND – Staying Healthy… in Challenging Times 
8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Saturday ·   Aug 10, 2019
— Conference Session 8 —
Tesla’s ExtraOrdinary Concepts…
8:00am: Chuck Parker – What’s the Matter with Matter? 
9:30am: Thad Mauney, PhD – EM Scalar Potentials According to ET Whittaker 
11am: Mike Gamble – Tesla’s Electric Car Advanced Research — 2019 

— Conference Session 9 — 
ExtraOrdinary Quantum Technology 
1:00pm: Vendors – Vendor Showcase 
2:30pm: Gary Tripp – Practical Quantum Energy Extraction 
4:00pm: Dr. Thorsten Ludwig – Coler Generators – ZPE, Resonance and Magnetism 
— Conference Session 10 — 
7:00pm: Bruce Cornet PhD – Unconventional Aircraft and Their Performance 
8:00pm: Conference Evening Social 

Sunday ·   Aug 11, 2019 

— Conference Session 11 — 
ExtraOrdinary Challenges 
8:00am: Donald Reed – Case for the Scalar Longitudinal Electrodynamic Wave 
9:30am: Roy Kaylor II – Practical Cold Fusion Research 
11:00am: Suzanne Price – Angularity & ZPE: A Slide of Light Away 

TeslaTech, LLC reserves the right
to make changes to this tentative schedule without notice.

Alt Energy
— AntiGravity Construction —
Russell Anderson 
1PM – Wed – Aug 7


Workshop cost not included in Conference Registration