Ed Gray is one of the most well-known names in the history of “free energy” and the story would make for an amazing Hollywood movie, which would be based on a true story. Even the Crosby Institute founded by Bing Crosby (from Spokane, Washington) tested the “Gray” Motor, which showed over 300 times more output than input. There were other motors that came out after this original one was tested that took a whole other path but it left clues that may help decipher the original secrets.

Mr. Reginald Garcia who owns the Purple Motor was kind enough to bring it up to the ESTC for display it so that everyone could take pics, look at how it was wired – the wiring was not complete – to see a historical motor like this is a very rare experience!

Mark McKay who also happens to be from Spokane has travelled around the country interviewing Gray’s former engineers, family members, investors, etc. and has a more complete history of the “Gray Motor” than anyone. He has presented on this a couple times in the past at the ESTC,  and his assessment of this Purple Motor is available now!

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AND…Panel Discussion #1 is now available as a free download – this one has Paul Babcock, Sky Huddleston, Aaron Murakami, Mark McKay and Mike Clarke, so the common theme with these presenters is all about a prime mover.

Panel Discussion #2 is also on the same page as a free download, which was already released. The theme for this one was Tesla related presentations with the exception of Jeremiah’s Tesla Turbine talk – he was on the 3rd Panel Discussion to be released next week.

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Aaron Murakami

2022 Presentations Released:

The Law of Electromagnetic Induction as Applied to the John G. Trump Electrostatic Machine by Aaron Murakami & Eric Dollard
Nikola Tesla’s Thermodynamic Transformer, Part 3 by Jeremiah Ferwerda
Advanced Measurement Techniques for Tesla Coils by Dr. Adrian Marsh
Telluric Radio Communication Research by Griffin Brock
Tesla High Frequency Illumination Methods And Apparatuses Part 2 by Griffin Brock
Build a Tesla Coil the Way Tesla Built Them by Hakasays
The Cosmic Light Bulb 
They Are All The Same by Paul Babcock
Reactive Power Generator Part 4 by Mike Clarke
Panel Discussion 1 & 2 – FREE DOWNLOADS