AquaCure Brown’s Gas/HHO Generator: Hydrogen Water and Inhalation FAQs

In this short video, George Wiseman answers and explains frequently asked questions about the AquaCure Hydrogen Generator:

What is Brown’s Gas?
What is Electrically Expanded (plasma) Water, or ExW?
What are the Health Applications for Brown’s Gas (formally only used in energy industry)?
Why is Brown’s Gas so important for people who are ill?
What is the difference between the AquaCure and other electrolyzers (hints: no membrane, ExW)?
Why is George so passionate about the AquaCure hydrogen generator?

The AquaCure incorporates advanced electrolyzer technology (developed since 1986) to provide a healthful high quality gaseous mixture which specifically includes a plasma form of water named ExW.  The ExW sets the AquaCure above all ‘just hydrogen’ technologies because it gives the body the ENERGY it needs to heal itself. The AquaCure is competitively priced with exceptional world-class safety and user friendly functionality. To see short explanatory videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcxMBziO8zlNyBttTLN34ANkU2k8X_P72

For specs and to purchase the AquaCure AC50 Hydrogen/Brown’s Gas Generator (from this site): https://fringeenergy.com/product/aquacure-model-ac50-hydrogen-generator/ International Orders (outside of the USA) go here: eagle-research.com/product/ac50/ use coupon code aquacure528 for 10% discount.

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