There is a fair amount of unverified experimentation, pseudo-science, and controversy surrounding the viability of oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas as a fuel for automotive use, etc. Much of it has to do with whether a sufficient amount can be produced on-board a vehicle in real time, gas composition to effectively emulate the burn rate of gasoline, and competing methods of electrolysis (splitting water). However, there are other less-known techniques for building a working system. Our website presents a broad treatment of the subject, including the most informative presentations and cutting-edge information available anywhere. (See: Radiant Energy, Pulsed Power, Aerial SystemsResonance, Electromagnetic, Superconductors).

3 hour conversion

Converted: How to Convert Your Vehicle into a Hydrogen Hybrid in about 3 Hours and Save! (Paperback)

Learn everything you need to know to take water and put it through a process called electrolysis to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen as you drive.
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100% increase in mpg

Poor Man Hydrogen Generator On Demand: Smcs Hho Stephens Multi Cell Systems Hydrogen Generator On Demand (Paperback)

A system that is designed scientifically, yet is simple to build, while keeping the budget in mind. For most people that are handy at building and assembling components.
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HHO viabilty

Review of HHO usage in internal combustion engines: Literature review- Controversies- Recommendations -Examples- Checks - Etc. (Paperback)

HHO is one of several solutions to improve efficiency of internal combustion engines. See reviews for and against the usage of HHO, along with verification of benefits.
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build HHO cell

100% Hydrogen Conversion (Paperback)

The information provided will allow engineers, mechanics or automotive buffs to convert autos/trucks/SUVs from gasoline to a 100% hydrogen based fuel system.
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Diesel conversion

Design, Development & Analysis of HHO Generation kit on Diesel Engine (Paperback)

Brown’s gas (HHO) has recently been introduced to the auto industry as a new source of energy. This device is compact for installation in the engine compartment.
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the real story!

waterfuelsecretsdvd300xIf you're like me, you're probably sick and tired of all the claims by all these so-called experts that claim to have duplicated or replicated Stan Meyer's or other people's water fuel technology. Here's the real story in a very comprehensive package so that it cannot be ignored any longer.

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Free Energy Pump

lordspumpprojectA small isolated village of 2500 people in northern Uganda without potable water, electric power, access to fuel or funds asked for help. The inspired answer: A plastic pump operating at 260 psi using the water pumped as the fuel.

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higher efficiency

h2global_waltjenkinsThere are other ways to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water that are much more efficient and effective than electrolysis. With only hundreds of miliamps, Walt Jenkins can run an engine with 95%+ water.

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cavitation methods

In an internal combustion engine the big anomalous energy manifests from microscopic ball lightning – not hydrogen combustion. This year all the pieces of the HHO energy puzzle came together to yield my best presentation on this topic.

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