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  • Discover how toxins may be causing your symptoms
  • Learn powerful, natural heavy metal detox method
  • Get your health and energy back...get your life back!

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March 23, 2019 @ 7 PM EST

5 Heavy Metals

Learn how the 5 most common heavy metals get into the body, and the symptoms they cause.

Prime Detox Organs

Learn how the detox organs remove toxins, and how to get them functioning properly.

Detect & Detox

Knowing if you have heavy metals, and detoxing them out of your body, is positively life-changing!

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Pre-tox is the first step as you learn to actively purge toxins from your body. This will ensure a successful detox and greatly minimize side effects.







Presenter: Valerie Robitaille, Holistic Nutritionist

Heavy metals and other toxins are present in us all. It simply can’t be avoided in today’s world. We inhale toxins from the air, we eat and drink them in our food and we put them on our skin. We are constantly exposed to electromagnetic frequencies which dig the toxins deeper into our tissues (we will show how this happens in the webinar).
While we can’t avoid toxins, we can escort them out of the body, minimize exposure  and keep our detox organs tuned up!
I hope you join me for the free Heavy Metal Detox Webinar Intensive where I’ll be presenting the heavy metal connection to the most common illnesses people are experiencing today.

Special Guest Speaker: Tivon Rivers, Fix The World, Morocco

Have you ever heard of detoxing your body and home from radio frequencies using orgone? I learned about this the hard way a few years ago when I lived in a city environment surrounded by cell phone towers. 
Since I've incorporated orgone technology and a heavy metal detox regimen, the change in my health has been dramatic. I'm excited to share this with you on the webinar. Join us!

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