rife microscope

The effects of high-voltage and high-frequency electrical fields on the cells of the human body to treat disease have been documented for over 100 years. This is another case where in it's beginnings, promising scientific research, and even successfully demonstrated devices, such as the machine of Royal Raymond Rife, were heavily suppressed in order to establish what has become the very lucrative 'allopathic' medical and pharmaceutical 'industries'. However, there have been many devices and verified techniques that were not completely lost, and have come to the fore again in recent years. These devices, their effects, and the stories of their inventors can be explored on our website. (See: Radiant EnergyPulsed PowerAerial SystemsResonanceElectromagneticSuperconductors).

Multi-Wave Oscillator

It’s about time someone brought this technology into the modern age! If you want to learn more about the MWO, get Paul Babcock’s presentation and read Georges Lakhovsky’s Secret of Life book that you can download as a free PDF HERE. In Paul's presentation "The Universal Medium," he also covers how the machine and the Aether interact with the body to boost Life Force energy. (Includes link to the 'how to' book to make your own MWO.)

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acupuncture meridians

This presentation will outline the underlying geometric structure of the acupuncture meridian system. Energy plays off a structure. This will be more about structure than energy although the Daoist culture that created acupuncture has a lot to say about energy and consciousness.

The meridian patterns can be traced back at least 500 million years to the origin of vertebrate evolution and possibility beyond vertebrate evolution.


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electrobiohacking/ electroculture

Electroculture is over 270 years old and is the science of using high voltage to influence the growth of plants. Plants grow faster, stronger, need less nutrients, pesticides and other additives. Many of these methods strive to simulate the Earth’s natural dielectric field that exists between the ground and the ionosphere.
This is the most comprehensive Electroculture Presentation that reveals a little-known method to not only increase plant growth, but influence gene expression for superior produce!

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