Few free energy stories are as tragic as that of the fight and plight of Joseph Newman. This man, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars inventing an energy device that harnessed huge amounts of power from the magnetic field, held a secret that could free humanity from energy tyranny and big oil companies.

Newman’s fight was not as a result of intelligent inquiry into whether his device worked or not, it was with the US patent office. The required scientific investigations, which demonstrated his device functioned exactly how he said it did in every case, brought terror to the academic industry because there were research grants in the balance. And then there were the special interests of the wealthy ( J.P. Morgan, Thomas Edison, et al.) whose cash cow was humanity’s dependence on their energy methods solely.

As engineers and inventors who have studied, built our own free energy devices, attended energy science conferences and have seen demonstrations of overunity machines, we are angered by the lie that has been perpetuated for over 100 years: that only closed systems of energy manufacture work, and they always require more power in than out. Newman and countless others have proven otherwise, but so far there are no happy endings for these great innovators. The lie is woven into the fabric of our society, and to date anyone who has tried to bring the light of truth has been destroyed.

Was Newman too focused on getting a patent? Probably, but we are all conditioned to believe this is the way inventions are supposed to be handled. However, those of us in the alternative energy field long enough know that patenting an invention, particularly an energy invention, is almost impossible.  Having learned great lessons from Newman’s experience we choose a different road….opensourcing.

The 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, hosted by inventor Aaron Murakami, featured so-called free energy inventors over a period of 4 days demonstrating their devices.  One of the presentations was a demonstration of the Joseph Newman Motor by Geoffrey Miller. Geoffrey’s expertise in free energy devices spans 5 decades and has culminated in a 5,000 sq.ft. lab packed with equipment and devices that he has replicated. (See photos of Geoffrey’s lab HERE) A big Nikola Tesla fan, Geoffrey has replicated just about everything Tesla ever invented. But he has replicated other inventors’ devices too.

newman motor disclosure
Newman Motor Disclosure

Geoffrey worked closely with Joseph Newman in the 1990s and learned the magnetic secrets of the motor. Although Newman died in 2015, people are now able to replicate his work, thanks to Geoffrey’s disclosure of the circuit design at the 2017 Energy Conference. In Geoffrey’s own words: “At the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I chose to give the first ever full disclosure on what I was privy to regarding the Newman Motor. In the past, I have given interviews, discussed some of the basics, have shown a few people the commutator working, but left out a lot of details. Those details are what I shared openly in this new presentation and my hope is that you will really appreciate the implications of what I’m sharing.

I showed a live demonstration of a small scale Newman Motor to demonstrate the working principles and how the commutator is constructed and wired. Many people came up to take photos, draw diagrams, etc. so they had all the info, but that info is included in a special diagram that hardly anyone has seen and that too is included in this presentation package.” Learn more HERE 

Perhaps the most exciting and earthshaking news to report about this technology is Geoffrey’s replication, in his lab, of Newman’s big motor, which will be finished well before his presentation at the 2019 Energy Conference. However, due to new knowledge, materials and innovation, Geoffrey has not

only doubled the weight of Newman’s machine, he has greatly increased the efficiency.