The Energy Science & Technology Conference (ESTC) held in Hayden, Idaho, formerly known as the Bedini & Lindemann Science & Technology Conference, sells out fast each year! The reason: it provides a platform that shakes the current limited paradigm of energy physics with actual demonstrations of working alternative/free energy technologies. The very existence of the ESTC for 7 years (and because it has been gaining in popularity each year) refutes the notion that we have to remain in bondage to present energy products and technologies. The ESTC is a threat to the big energy companies, academia and old belief systems held onto regardless of their error, and in many cases, deceit.

Below are the last 4 years' presentations and presenters for our readers found on this website (click year/speaker):


2015 ESTC Presentation

Overunity Disclosure
Parallel Propulsion - Researches of Tesla & JJ Thomson
The Art of Natural VLF Field Recording
Cosmic Induction Generator
Power of Aether Related to Mucic & Electricity
Ignition Secrets
Basics of ECE Theory of Physics
Lord's Pump Project


Graham Gunderson
William Lyne
Stephen McGreevy
John Polawski
Eric Dollard
Aaron Murakami
Douglas Lindstrom
Al Throckmorton

2016 ESTC Presentation

Magnetic Energy Secrets & DC Motor Disclosure
Extraluminal/Electrical Transmission
Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator
Plasma Impulse Motor
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor
Open System Physics Thermodynamics
Bourke Engine
From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning
Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments


Paul Babcock
Eric Dollard
Jim Murray
Aaron Murakami
Mark McKay
Michael Waters
Compiled by Russell Bourke's wife Lois Bourke
Moray B. King
Robert Haralick

2017 ESTC Presentation

High Voltage N-Machine
Poor Man's Battery Swapper
Electricity, Gravity, Magnetism & Singularity
H2 Global
Universal Medium
Hacking The Aether
Multiple Order Harmonics
Musical Seismograph
Newman Motor Disclosure
Two Overunity Theories
The Gold Magnet
Zero Force Motor
Mind Over Matter


Aaron Murakami
RS Stafford
Al Francoeur
Walt Jenkins
Paul Babcock
Aaron Murakami
James Robitaille
Eric Dollard
Geoffrey Miller
Paul LaViolette
Jeff Moe
Yaro Stanchak
Robert Haralick

2018 ESTC Presentation

Uncovering The Secrets of Magnetism
The Fourth Phase of Water
Gravity Control
History, Theory & Practice of the Electrical Utility System
Conscious Intention, Water & Subtle Energy
Tewari Reactionless Generator (RLG)
The Hidden Dance (Zero Force Motor Part 2)
The Meaning of Unity
Dancing with the Aether
Self-Recharging Battery
The Living Earth
New Energy
Acupuncture Meridian System
Man, Machine & the Matrix
Ideomotor Effect
Universal Scaling


Ken Wheeler
Gerald Pollack
David Alzofon
Eric Dollard
Robert Haralick
Anupam Tewari
Aaron Murakami
Yaro Stanchak
Jim Murray
Jeane Manning & Susan Manewich
Peter Lindemann
Paul Babcock
John Petersen
Charles Bagley
Karen Elkins
Aaron Murakami
Rainer Viehweger