split flux transformer-Nison

The Lenz effect, described as Back-EMF, limits the energy efficiency of most electrical devices in use today. Motors, generators and the like generally consume more energy than they produce, and this situation is sustained by Big Energy and Big Oil concerns (by design).
James Clerk Maxwell's 'closed systems' equations were the only ones supported by academia for over 100 years (also by design), but Maxwell also devised a set of equations for 'open systems', which were suppressed by those who profited from the sale of fossil fuels, and the mining of copper for electrical wiring.
On this website, we present many 'open systems' devices, verified to be well over 100% efficient (COP>1), some of which are self-sustaining while providing excess power for additional loads. (See: Radiant Energy, Pulsed Power, Aerial SystemsResonance, Electromagnetic, Superconductors).

250% Efficient

This presentation is a starting point for anyone who is not familiar with the Lenz law circumventing Tewari RLG, which builds on the homopolar generator concept -  a simple spinning permanent magnet or electromagnet with a tap on the shaft and the outer perimeter of the rotating magnet.

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reduce inductance?

A high speed capacitor discharge method that can also charge inductors (electromagnetic coils) allowing them to pack a punch that appears to be quite a bit stronger than is normally thought possible.

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3 package options

the Dynaflux Alternator is able to output electricity without bogging down the motor running it. Included is a demonstration showing an electric heating element running on 100 watts while the input of the circuit is only drawing 5 watts from the wall!

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Power Gain

dave3The more I learned, and the better I got at convincing people I knew what I was doing, the harder it got to raise money to fund the work. At first, I thought everybody was CRAZY, but I understand now that there is resistance to this kind of technology in the market place.

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mechanical amplification

scotchyoke-aaronmurakamiThe full operating theory is given on the Scotch Yoke method used by a 1930's patented engine. This was the most efficient linear to rotary conversion in the world (and still is), using the pulsed solenoid concept.

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verified method

Decrease the amount of fuel you burn, soften your water without using expensive softeners, and even reduce your refrigeration bills, among other benefits, by using magnets. But like everything else, YOU HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT!

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3 Ed Gray Videos

al_francoeur_singularity300xThrough his reverse engineering efforts, Al Francoeur has been working to explain how the Ed Gray power supply works. The Gray Motor was verified in the past to operate at over 300 COP. Now for the first time ever, he presents his findings on the power supply to a public audience.

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hidden geometry

The nature of magnetism is covered, which is in alignment with much of the knowledge that Eric Dollard has shared on the nature of dielectricity. You will never find this in a textbook, because largely, the academic world has no idea what magnetism is.

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waveforms displayed

Demonstration of a hot incandescent bulb on the output drawing 570% more energy than could be accounted for going into the input. Dial the input power down to zero watts while the light bulb remains lit, which means the output has an infinite COP!

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Energy Revolution

Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World (Kindle Edition)

Non polluting inventions and innovative magnetic motors. ". . .a fascinating journey via the real experiences of scientists and inventors. . .the world from where the next energy revolution will emerge."
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John Worrell Keely

Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely (Lost Science Series) (Paperback)

A journey through the free-energy research underground and the secret traditions of Occult Technology
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Computational Methods

Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems, Second Edition (Electric Power Engineering Series) (Hardcover)

The nation's electric power network is forced to operate in a manner for which it was not designed.
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covert operations on citizens


If you live on this planet, you are affected by technology. It’s time for us to wake up and understand what has been going on in our world when it comes to hidden technologies.


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foundational reading

The Forces of Matter (Kindle Edition)

Michael Faraday (1791-1867) ranks among the world's greatest experimental philosophers and popularizers of science. Faraday conducted the experiments that made electricity viable for technological use.
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Oliver Heaviside

The Forgotten Genius of Oliver Heaviside: A Maverick of Electrical Science (Kindle Edition)

His achievements include finding a way to rid telephone lines of the distortion that had stifled progress, and showing that electrical power doesn't flow in a wire but in the space alongside it.
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