split flux transformer-Nison

The Lenz effect, described as Back-EMF, limits the energy efficiency of most electrical devices in use today. Motors, generators and the like generally consume more energy than they produce, and this situation is sustained by Big Energy and Big Oil concerns (by design).
James Clerk Maxwell's 'closed systems' equations were the only ones supported by academia for over 100 years (also by design), but Maxwell also devised a set of equations for 'open systems', which were suppressed by those who profited from the sale of fossil fuels, and the mining of copper for electrical wiring.
On this website, we present many 'open systems' devices, verified to be well over 100% efficient (COP>1), some of which are self-sustaining while providing excess power for additional loads. (See: Radiant Energy, Pulsed Power, Aerial SystemsResonance, Electromagnetic, Superconductors).