Here are the extended experiments relating to the Borderlands presentation and the Cosmic Induction Generator.

Griffin Brock, Hakasays and Myself, on the fly, conducted experiments with some bulbs that were first tested live at the conference.

There are some really interesting effects we were able to get with Hakasays higher power unit compared to the low 100 watt power from the original Collins transmitter.

Watch the preview:



There are some good pics on the site at the link – check it out and get a copy – it’s recommended to get the Borderland presentation as well since that lays out the background and the science to this whole project:

Later today, we’ll probably release Paul Babcock’s presentation called “They Are All the Same”, which is a comparison between the Bedini SG and the Mike Clarke RPG and some of the principles you have to understand to get it self-running like Mike’s. 

Aaron Murakami

Watch the preview video


The Law of Electromagnetic Induction as Applied to the John G. Trump Electrostatic Machine by Aaron Murakami & Eric Dollard
Nikola Tesla’s Thermodynamic Transformer, Part 3 by Jeremiah Ferwerda
Advanced Measurement Techniques for Tesla Coils by Dr. Adrian Marsh
Telluric Radio Communication Research by Griffin Brock
Tesla High Frequency Illumination Methods And Apparatuses Part 2 by Griffin Brock
Build a Tesla Coil the Way Tesla Built Them by Hakasays
The Cosmic Light Bulb