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Torelco offers a fully processed core and supplemental kit to complete your QEG generator, or you can buy parts separately. The photo above depicts an epoxied core. Non-epoxied cores are also available Please refer to the QEG Free Energy Generator Plans/Manual for detailed descriptions and photos of parts listed below. Processed Core (delivered): Generator Core, 12″ OD Continue Reading

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QEG – Quantum Energy Generator Development in 2018 (assembly video)

The Quantum Energy Generator, or QEG, came on the free energy scene in September 2013 as a disruptive technology device to be developed “by the people and for the people,” designed to be capable of running an average-sized home off-the-grid. The project was immediately discovered by so-called free energy experts, and the QEG became a global phenomenon Continue Reading

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QEG Real World Documentary Series

QEG Real World Documentary Series Set Includes all 9 Episodes and Featurette Film “SURGE” SURGE shows how a different approach to open sourcing technology must be taken in this highly competitive industry in order to succeed in bringing affordable energy to every person on the planet that needs it to survive. Watch below. Over 11 Continue Reading

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QEG epoxy core

2017 Energy Science & Technology Interview with James and Valerie Robitaille (video)

Karen Elkins, (designer of the stunning Science To Sage Digital Magazine, and the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference Digital Magazine, interviewed the inventors and conference attendees at the 2017 ESTC hosted by Aaron Murakami (Hayden, Idaho). This is the first posted interview from last year (more coming). In this interview, James discusses the Quantum Energy Continue Reading

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Advanced Build Webinars

Approximately 22 hours of live question, answer, instruction sessions and all handouts between James Robitaille and actual QEG builders/students. Material covers the complete QEG build process roughly following the 10-week Beginner’s Build Course. To give you an idea of content, some of the questions that are answered in the webinars are shown below. NOTE: The Continue Reading

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Beginner’s Build Webinars

Pre-recorded webinars taught by James Robitaille. Each of the webinars consists of questions and answers, and covers instructions on how to assemble the QEG. The webinars go along with the 10-week course/ebook. Each webinar is approximately 2 hrs long. Detailed discussion includes: parts; pros & cons of building the core vs purchasing a fully assembled Continue Reading

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QEG Ebook French

Le système Quantum générateur électrique (QEG) est une adaptation de l’un des nombreux dessins électriques générateur / dynamo / alternateur brevetées de Nikola Tesla. Le brevet particulier est référencé n ° 511 916, intitulé simplement «Générateur électrique”, et datée du 2 Janvier, 1894 (voir au dos de ce manuel). L’adaptation est une conversion à partir Continue Reading

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QEG Ebook Italian

Qeg (Quantum Energy Generator) è un tipo di ‘ verde ‘ la tecnologia energetica che viene cosviluppato con ingegneri e costruttori in tutto il mondo. Grazie alla sua struttura unica e poco conosciuto uso di energia radiosa o quantistica per elettrificare un nucleo di acciaio e produrre energia, il QEG ha il potenziale per eseguire Continue Reading

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HOW TO BUILD AN ENERGY EFFICIENT AND POTENTIALLY FUELLESS GENERATOR Five years of clean energy research has led to the open source (PATENT FREE!) development of this generator (still in development). Designed and backed by 50 years of combined engineering experience, you will be inspired to arrive at an understanding of reluctance generators and how to Continue Reading

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