QEG Real World Documentary Series

QEG Real World Documentary Series Set Includes all 9 Episodes and Featurette Film “SURGE” SURGE shows how a different approach to open sourcing technology must be taken in this highly competitive industry in order to succeed in bringing affordable energy to every person on the planet that needs it to survive. Watch below. Over 11 Continue Reading

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sub-atomic particles

All ESTC Previews

Inventors, demonstrations, exposure and disclosures of free energy technologies and devices is what the Energy Science & Technology Conferences are all about. Watch the work of these geniuses below. For more information and presentations CLICK HERE                         2018    

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Live Calls

Live Engineering Calls

The Clean Energy Academy Live calls are held 2 times per month on Sunday and features special guest speakers from various energy projects. Calls are for members of the Clean Energy Academy. You can join the academy by going here: https://cleanenergyacademy.com or if you would rather not join you can be notified of upcoming calls HERE and contribute $5 Continue Reading

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2015 ESTC

The Lord’s Pump Project – Al Throckmorton – A small isolated village of 2500 people in northern Uganda without potable water, electric power, access to fuel or funds asked for help. The inspired answer: A plastic pump operating at 260 psi using the water pumped as the fuel. Ignition Secrets – Aaron Muakami demonstrates a Continue Reading

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2016 ESTC

From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning: An Overview of New Energy Possibilities – Moray B. King explains the science that makes water-powered engines possible, and how various HHO concepts relate to Zero Point Energy. Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Field Experiments – Robert M. Haralick, Guy Obolensky, and Loren Zanier describe their experiments that provide evidence for the Continue Reading

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2017 ESTC

High Voltage Faraday Generator – Aaron Murakami shows how to charge a capacitor to well over 100 volts. Since Faraday, only ultra low voltage with high current has been obtained by the Faraday Generator. As an added bonus, you will also learn how to create AC from a Faraday Generator. Poor Man’s Split the Positive Continue Reading

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2018 ESTC

Exciting presentations from the 2018 ESTC in Hayden, Idaho: Electrobiochacking – Aaron Murakami discusses Electroculture methods which use high voltage generation to artificially stimulate increases in plant production. A true free energy system! John Bedini’s Zero Force Motor (ZFM)- Yaro Stanchak presents The Hidden Dance (Le Fin de Siècle). Includes a short review of the Continue Reading

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pulsed power

PULSED POWER energy accumulated over time that is released quickly

In conventional electrical engineering, the radiant or ‘longitudinal’ spike or ‘pulse’ produced when the magnetic field in a coil collapses, has generally been treated as a nuisance, since it can damage sensitive electronics. However, these high-energy pulses are actually a different form of electricity (cold electricity) that can be utilized to add energy to many Continue Reading

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