*NEW* 2020 Cosmic Induction Generator Construction (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

From our friends at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference We finally rolled out Eric Dollard’s presentations (see below) and will be releasing Dr. James DeMeo’s presentations on Orgone and Ether right away, followed by Peter Lindemann’s presentation on John Bedini’s Glass Case Motor (which John called the Gravity Wave Space Flux Motor). There Continue Reading

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Molecular Hydrogen Cure – George Wiseman interview now available for viewing (full video)

Topics discussed include:
Testimonies of patients in Wuhan, China, who recovered from covid-19 using hydrogen (hydrogen therapy is the #1 treatment for covid-19 in China)
Eagle Research; Manufacturer of alternative energy and hydrogen therapy machines since 1986
The development of George’s Brown’s Gas machine (molecular hydrogen goes by many names in different fields; HHO, hydroxyl, oxyhydrogen, Brown’s Gas, etc.)
Electrically expanded water (ExW) and oxygen reduction potential (ORP – measures electrons)
The discovery of George’s Brown’s Gas machine to cure melanoma
Scientifically proven uses for topical application, drinking the water and inhaling the gas
Benefits for chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel, chronic pain, psoriasis, etc.
How covid-19 attacks the blood creating low oxygen conditions, and how the electrons from molecular hydrogen heals the lung inflammation of covid-19, and all viruses in patients almost immediately

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