2015 ESTC

The Lord’s Pump Project – Al Throckmorton – A small isolated village of 2500 people in northern Uganda without potable water, electric power, access to fuel or funds asked for Continue Reading

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2016 ESTC

From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning: An Overview of New Energy Possibilities – Moray B. King explains the science that makes water-powered engines possible, and how various HHO concepts relate to Continue Reading

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2017 ESTC

High Voltage Faraday Generator – Aaron Murakami shows how to charge a capacitor to well over 100 volts. Since Faraday, only ultra low voltage with high current has been obtained Continue Reading

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2018 ESTC

Exciting presentations from the 2018 ESTC in Hayden, Idaho: Electrobiochacking – Aaron Murakami discusses Electroculture methods which use high voltage generation to artificially stimulate increases in plant production. A true Continue Reading

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