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Brown’s Gas, aka: BG, HydrOxy, HHO or OxyHydrogen, is a mixture of the elements of water in their original ratio (H2O) and electricity.  Using a specialized electrolyzer, the electrical current separates the water into a gaseous hydrogen and oxygen mixture.

George Wiseman improved upon the original Brown’s Gas technology and has been manufacturing and selling his HydrOxy electrolyzers since 1986.

Brown’s Gas Practical Applications in Health
Since 1996, copious empirical and anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of HydrOxy has been reported; mostly by people who already had electrolyzers and were trying ANYTHING to achieve better health. The amazing results these people reported finally convinced some scientists to study hydrogen for health starting about 2005, resulting (as of 2019) in over 1,000 studies of over 200 ailments… ALL of which prove HydrOxy supplementation WORKS fantastically WELL! Further, there are NO negative side effects! In every case, there are only positive health results.

The AquaCure machine generates a high energy bio-available gas called HydrOxy that our bodies need to heal from disease and wounds, and prevent and reverse the symptoms of aging.
HydrOxy travels in your blood bringing every cell the nutrition it needs, and relief from issues related to dehydration (literally meaning lack of hydrogen!) HydrOxy is the world’s BEST anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory for cell health, and has other cytoprotective (cell protective) properties.

HydrOxy (as a gas) can be:
* Directly Breathed (while sleeping, relaxing, etc.)
* Spot applied or Bagged, (to the skin)
HydrOxy infused SUPER WATER can be:
* Drank (amazingly healthful water)
* Topically Applied to Skin (for wounds, cancer and other skin issues)

In addition to hydrogen, HydrOxy also contains oxygen and Electrically Expanded Water (or ExW ). ExW is a negatively charged (electron rich) cold plasma form of water and what makes Brown’s Gas more effective than using straight molecular hydrogen (H2). This is because the body (and particularly bodies that are ill) NEEDS the energy (electrons) that the ExW provides, literally giving the body the ENERGY it needs to heal.

HydrOxy has ALL the benefits of hydrogen PLUS is super-charged with additional energy no other solution provides.

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