sub-atomic particles

Inventors, demonstrations, exposure and disclosures of free energy technologies and devices is what the Energy Science & Technology Conferences are all about. Watch the work of these geniuses below. For more information and presentations CLICK HERE



Communication & Cooperation in Nature

the Secrets of Magnetism

Unity in Energy Conversion Systems

The Fourth Phase of Water

Tewari's Generator (RLG)

Bedini's Zero Force Motor

Electro-biohacking with Dielectric Fields

Utility System with Eric Dollard

Gravity Control with David Alzofon

New Energy

Living Matrix

The Living Earth

The Ideomotor Effect

Dancing with the Aether

Self-recharging Battery

Anatomy of the Meridians

Subtle Energy Protocols



The N-Machine

Poor Man's Battery

Ed Gray Motor

H2 Global with Walt Jenkins

Multi-wave Oscillator

Hacking The Aether with Aaron Murakami

Multiple order harmonics

musical seismograph

The Newman Motor Geoffrey Miller

Paul LaViolette

The Gold Magnet

Zero Force Motor

Subtle Energy Protocols



The Bourke Engine Documentary

Extraluminal Transmission

magnetic energy secrets

The transforming generator Jim Murray

plasma impulse motor Aaron Murakami

magnetic implosion transformer with graham gunderson


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