2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference Update

From our friends at the Energy Science & Technology Conference:

Peter Lindemann and I took a 7 hour road trip to see Jeremiah Ferwerder’s Cryopherous Tesla Turbine setup and it was worth going. It’s not a free energy machine yet, but the demonstration definitely demonstrated the point that it could sustain a vacuum to cold boil water on the front to keep driving itself – at least as long as the hot tank was warm enough. There’s a road ahead of him for this project and I was just informed of what the next step is and it is exciting! This will all be revealed at the 2020 ESTC. Short term, I will post some pics and video clips from the trip soon.

See Peter’s recent FREE presentation from the 2019 Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference here on the topic of Tesla’s Self-Acting Engine, which is EXACTLY related to what Jeremiah is pursuing. http://free-energy.ws/nikola-tesla/

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The 2020 ESTC will be a 5 day conference at the Eagle’s Lodge in Hayden, Idaho, which is from July 8 to the 12th (Wed to Sun). We’re waiting for a confirmation on the meals availability so we can enter meal tickets as part of the purchase options. As soon as we have the meals confirmed, we will open up for payments. When everyone sees the full agenda for presentations and demonstrations, all seats will sell out in record time. TICKET SALES FOR THE CONFERENCE – We will start accepting payment for tickets to the 2020 ESTC on February 10th, next Monday.

There is a secret presenter who will be giving an open source disclosure on his work Saturday night of the conference after dinner. When you find out who it is, you’d probably get a ticket just to come see this presentation. It is a technology that many people have known about for quite a while in the free energy world but not enough information has been available for anyone to figure out how it works. For the first time ever, he will be disclosing this information at the 2020 ESTC. Take a look at this updated schedule: https://energyscienceconference.com/2020-conference-schedule/

In the meantime, make sure to register for free here: https://energyscienceconference.com/registration-cost/


Call in for the latest updates and ask Eric Dollard questions live – Saturday, February 8th, NOON Pacific Time Zone. Call +1 857-232-0155 and enter the code 582590 to access the call. In the meantime, consider donating to EPD Laboratories, Inc to support the work of Eric Dollard. Information on donating by mail or by PayPal are on http://ericpdollard.com


Energetic Forum and Energy Science Forum were recently upgrading and we had a glitch in the registration. IT’S FIXED!

Energy Science Forum was John Bedini’s official forum and he has posted quite a bit in there that is not on Energetic Forum. But John also posted a lot in Energetic Forum along with Peter Lindemann, Eric Dollard and others, which is not available anywhere else. It is FREE to join both forums – just visit http://energeticforum.com or http://energyscienceforum.com.

IMPORTANT – When you get a confirmation email after registering, regardless of what the email says, just REPLY right away and write a short sentence asking for admission. Your account will be manually approved right away.


Greg Carlwood of Higherside Chats interviewed James DeMeo, PhD on a variety of topics, which include orgone, Reich’s orgone motor and related topics. Also, Dr. DeMeo will be delivering two new presentations at the 2020 ESTC!! Listen to the latest interview here: https://emediapress.com/2020/02/04/interview-with-james-demeo-phd-by-greg-carlwood-of-higherside-chats/


I’m close to completing a compilation of Dr. Robert Adams books, schematics, articles, pictures, and correspondence letters between him and Peter Lindemann that most people have never seen or even know exists! It will probably be the most comprehensive collected works of Dr. Adams and his Adams Motor that has ever been available to the public.

There is someone that corresponded and possibly met with Peter Lindemann up North in Washington state around 20 years ago who was fairly advanced in his Adams Motor knowledge – if you are reading this or if anyone knows who this might have been, please contact me.


If you are in Spokane, Washington or close enough to possibly help with some shop work, electronic assembly, winding coils, soldering, etc., please reply to this email and include something about your interest and a resume would help but is not required. Experience is still required so let us know what you have worked on – links to pics, videos, etc. is very helpful.

Aaron Murakami


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ERIC DOLLARD – Theory, Calculation and Operation of the Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=140
JAMES DEMEO PHD – Cosmic Ether Exists: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=141
JAMES DEMEO, PHD – The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Experimental Confirmations and New Water-Structuring Evidence – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=142
JACK HANLON, PHD – The Secret Power Source for Overunity Switched Reluctance Generators – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=144
ROBERT HARALICK, PHD – Longitudinal & Scalar Waves: The Biquaternion Generalization of Maxwell’s Equations – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=145
PAUL BABCOCK – Aether Weirdness – It’s About Time. Magic Batteries and Other Observations – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=146
FREE VIEWING – PANEL DISCUSSION 1 – http://emediapress.com/2019/08/21/panel-discussion-2-2019-energy-science-technology-conference/
FREE VIEWING – PANEL DISCUSSION 2 – http://emediapress.com/2019/08/01/panel-discussion-1-2019-energy-science-technology-conference/
FREE VIEWING – VENDOR SHOWCASE – http://emediapress.com/2019/08/21/vendors-announcements-at-the-2019-energy-science-technology-conference/
KURT KUNG, PHD – The Electrical Properties of Interfacial Water and the Possible Tools to Measure the Subtle Water Characteristics in Vitro – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=147
PETER LINDEMANN, DSC – John Bedini’s Self-Recharging Monopole Motor – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=148
MIKE CLARKE, DC – Trials and Triumps of the Reactive Power Generator Motor – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=149
WALT JENKINS – Disruptive Water Fuel – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=151
ERIC DOLLARD – Electrodynamic Seismic Forecasting – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=153
KEVIN JABLONSKI JD, RS STAFFORD, SETH YOUNG – Intellectual Property Protection, PCB Software and Contract Manufacturing – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=157
KEN ROCHON – The Science of Smiles – FREE VIEWING – https://emediapress.com/2019/10/23/science-of-smiles-by-ken-rochon/
AARON MURAKAMI – Red Light Power – http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=158


JOHN BEDINI – MISSING 1984 PRESENTATIONS: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=96
ERIC DOLLARD – HISTORY, THEORY & PRACTICE OF THE ELECTRICAL UTILITY SYSTEMhttp://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=115
DR. GERALD POLLACK – FOURTH PHASE OF WATER, BEYOND LIQUID, SOLID & VAPORhttp://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=116
DAVID ALZOFON – GRAVITY CONTROL WITH PRESENT TECHNOLOGY: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=117
PANEL DISCUSSION 1 – FREE VIEWING – http://emediapress.com/2018/07/27/2018-energy-science-technology-conference-panel-discussion-1/
KEN WHEELER – UNCOVERING THE MISSING SECRETS OF MAGNETISM: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=118
JIM MURRAY – THE MEANING OF UNITY IN ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEMS: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=119
PANEL DISCUSSION 2 – FREE VIEWING – http://emediapress.com/2018/08/04/2018-energy-science-technology-conference-panel-discussion-2/
YARO STANCHAK- HIDDEN DANCE – ZERO FORCE MOTOR PART 2: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=120
AARON MURAKAMI – ELECTRO-BIOHACKING: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=122
DEVELOP – DISRUPT – DOWNLOAD BY KEN ROCHON – FREE VIEWING – http://emediapress.com/2018/08/11/develop-disrupt-download-by-ken-rochon/
ROBERT HARALICK – CONSCIOUS INTENTION, WATER & SUBTLE ENERGY: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=124
ANUPAM TEWARI – TEWARI REACTIONLESS GENERATOR (RLG): http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=125
JEANE MANNING & SUSAN MANEWICH – DANCING WITH THE AETHER: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=126
PETER LINDEMANN – SELF-RECHARGING BATTERY SUPPLY OF CARLOS F. BENITEZ: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=127
CHARLES BAGLEY, MD – ANATOMY, EMBRYOLOGY, PHYLOGENY OF THE ACUPUNCTURE MERIDIANS: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=128
PAUL BABCOCK, THE LIVING EARTH – HOW EARTH GENERATES LIFE FORCE ENERGY: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=130
JOHN PETERSEN, NEW ENERGY: THE LINCHPIN TO UNPRECEDENTED CHANGE: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=131
KAREN ELKINS, MAN, MACHINE & THE LIVING MATRIX: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=132
RAINER VIEHWEGER, M.D., COMMUNICATION & COOPERATION IN NATURE: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=133
AARON MURAKAMI, IDEOMOTOR EFFECT, UNCOVERING THE MECHANICS OF THE HUMAN MIND: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=134


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