High Voltage Faraday Generator - Aaron Murakami shows how to charge a capacitor to well over 100 volts. Since Faraday, only ultra low voltage with high current has been obtained by the Faraday Generator. As an added bonus, you will also learn how to create AC from a Faraday Generator.
Poor Man's Split the Positive Battery Swapper - RS Stafford presents a battery swapping system using circuit breakers and common parts from your local hardware store. Inexpensive and very simple to build.
Electricity, Gravity, Magnetism & Singularity - AL Francouer covers his theories on alternative electromagnetic energy systems, and for practical application of this, Al owns the largest collection of original Ed Gray motors and related technologies in the world.
Running an Engine on Water - Walt Jenkins – In 2007 breakthroughs were achieved yielding a 300% gain over prior art technologies. Water can now be turned into fuel on the fly, with under 180 milliamps input power, creating a fuel which completely runs an engine.
Universal Medium - Paul Babcock talks about last winter's project building a Multiple Wave Oscillator to study the works of George Lakhovsky, and the synchronicity with other great minds working with the same universal medium; referred to as Radiant Energy, Orgone Energy, and Aether Energy.
Hacking the Aether - Aaron Murakami describes a layman’s “Unified Theory” based on a fluid model of the Aether. The question of “how do we tap the Aether” is answered by addressing what a dipole is and how it gives the Aether an asymmetrical path to follow to produce work in the real world.
The QEG - Driving Resonance Using Multiple Order Harmonics - James Robitaille reveals how physical resonance in generator cores adds power to electrical resonance, by exciting the core's fundamental mechanical resonant frequency from lower order harmonics.
Musical Seismograph - Eric Dollard walks you through the concepts of converting seismograph signals into musical signals using a Tesla Converter. The very weak signals are an amazing challenge to amplify - especially when the goal is to do it all with analog components.
Newman Motor Disclosure - Geoffrey Miller assisted Joseph Newman for 10 years back in the '80s, and has an inside perspective that very few people can claim. You will see a live demonstration of a REAL Newman Motor, describing the coil, magnets, caps, and the all important commutator.
Two Overunity Technologies and a Theory to Explain Them - Dr. Paul LaViolette discusses the Sun Cell developed by Black Light Power Corp., a technology that could one day power and heat our home via subquantum kinetics (SQK). This methodology also explains the operation of the Nassikas Superconducting Magnetic Thruster.
The Gold Magnet - Jeff Moe provides a live demonstration and full details of how to build the non-ferrous magnet, which picks up gold, silver, copper, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals!