Karen Elkins, (designer of the stunning Science To Sage Digital Magazine, and the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference Digital Magazine, interviewed the inventors and conference attendees at the 2017 ESTC hosted by Aaron Murakami (Hayden, Idaho). This is the first posted interview from last year (more coming).

In this interview, James discusses the Quantum Energy Generator, or QEG, and briefly describes mechanical resonance. James’ wife Valerie discusses some of the problems they have had regarding paid opposition agencies.

The distribution plan for when the device is completed is also discussed (hint: over 100 machines around the world will apply the last piece of development at the same time, making suppression virtually impossible).

Most important takeaway from this interview and the QEG family is to help others on the planet.


Learn More about James’ Presentation: Multiple Order Harmonics

multiple order harmonics