From Nanobubbles to Ball Lightning: An Overview of New Energy Possibilities - Moray B. King explains the science that makes water-powered engines possible, and how various HHO concepts relate to Zero Point Energy.
Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Field Experiments - Robert M. Haralick, Guy Obolensky, and Loren Zanier describe their experiments that provide evidence for the existence of a diamagnetic field and the vortex of the paramagnetic field.
Electrical Transmission in Multiple Coordinate Systems - Eric Dollard continues the Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson presentation from the 2014 Energy Conference, describing wave propagation in other dimensions that are outside of the velocity of light.
Magnetic Energy Secrets & DC Motor Disclosure - Paul Babcock - Based on the foundation that he taught in Magnetic Energy Secrets Parts 1, 2 & 3, Paul Babcock discloses for the first time how his motor actually works. You will learn that contrary to what the physicists and engineers claim, it is indisputable that magnets really are a source of energy.
Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator - Jim Murray discloses the inner workings of this machine, which uses positive feedback to speed up to runaway rpm when a load is drawn from it, which is the opposite of slowing down.
Open System Physics & Thermodynamics - Mike Waters covers the fundamental understandings of open system physics, open system energy sources, and a turbine example that employs these principles.
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor - Mark McKay reveals new background and historic information about where this technology really came from, and tells us one outrageous detail... ED GRAY is NOT the inventor!
Plasma Impulse Motor - Aaron Murakami presents his method for plasma ignition, demonstrating the principles of negative resistance that could theoretically prove to reduce the resistances and impedances in inductors.
Magnetic Implosion Transformer - Graham Gunderson demonstrates a solid state transformer design that measured out at 570% more output than input. The input power can even be reduced to zero while still producing power, which means the output has an infinite COP.
Surprise Presentation - John Bedini brings back the Kromrey Generator and 3-in-1 Self Running motor that he showed last year, along with  a surprise presentation covering a technology from the early 1900’s that many people believe they understand but nobody has successfully replicated.